Blue Mountain was formed by a full-time law enforcement officer.  The company began as a law enforcement training company, specializing in defensive tactics, firearms, first-aid, and emergency vehicle operations training.  We soon began to get inquires, from our training customers, about where they could obtain law enforcement equipment at reasonable prices.  While we still offer a full line of police and emergency services training, we have now branched out into the retail law enforcement equipment/supplies business.

The following catalog lists a few of the items that we offer.  We have tried to list the most popular items that we have frequently been asked for.  The catalog only reflects a small portion of the equipment that we offer.  In order to keep our operating costs at a minimum (so we can keep our prices low), the catalog is not complete.  Just because it is not listed in this catalog, doesn't mean that we don't carry it.  If you want a price on an item that is not listed, contact us and we will 
provide you with a quick quote.

Most law enforcement agencies order from the large catalog companies (ie- Gall's).  While the large catalog companies offer full lines of equipment and quick service, we can almost always beat their prices by a large margin.  Take this catalog and compare our prices to those of the large catalog companies, you will find that our prices are very competitive.  The large companies have the expense of putting out nice glossy photo filled complete catalogs.  That is a very large expense that they obviously have to pass on to you.  Use their catalogs to find the items that you want, then compare their prices to ours.

Simply try us once.  Give us a chance at your business and you won't be disappointed.  We are fast, efficient, helpful and inexpensive.  We have found that it is difficult to pull officers/agencies away from the larger catalog companies, but those officers/agencies that have tried us, come back time and time again.