Tactical Edge pursuit briefcase         51.13 
Tactical Edge seat organizer            25.00 
Tactical Edge SWAT bag                  53.13 
Tactical Edge detective briefcase       51.13 


Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Black frame, clear lens      6.81 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Black frame, Espresso lens   6.81 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Blue frame, Espresso lens    6.81 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Merlot frame, Espresso lens  6.81 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Black frame, mirror lens     7.25 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Black frame, SCT lens        7.25 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Blue frame, mirror lens      7.25 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Blue frame, SCT lens         7.25 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Merlot frame, mirror lens    7.25 
Uvex Genesis eyewear.  Merlot frame, SCT lens       7.25 
* SCT = Reflective is semi-mirrored, tinted lens that becomes clear in low-light 

Zak Tool Handcuff Keys-

Zak Tool model ZAK-12 original pen handcuff key          3.50 
Zak Tool model ZAK-11 round swivel head handcuff key     4.13 
Zak Tool model ZAK-14 aluminum "top of the line"  key    4.13 

Grab bag (discounted left-over items) 
limited to stock on hand 
Hatch Nomex black Flight gloves- Large                         $15.00 
Spyderco Endura 50/50 (plain/serrated) knife                   $40.00 
Safariland inner and outer leather duty belts, velcro 
slightly used (no marks or scratches) 38"    both belts $30.00 

In addition to the products listed in this catalog, B.M.P.F. carries 
equipment from the following manufacturers:  ASP, Bianchi, BioShield, 
Body Guard, Boker Knives, Boston Leather, Casco International, Cold 
Steel, Defense Tech., Flex-Cuf, Galco, Garrett, Hatch, Hiatts, HI-TEC, ITT, 
Laser Products/Sure Fire, Leatherman, Magellan, Mag-lite, Monadnock, 
Newcon/Tasco, Nik, Nite-Ize, Pacific Concepts, Peerless, Pelican, Premier Crown Helmets, 
Pro-Gard, Pro-Lok, Pro-Tuff, Rocky, Safariland, Saunders, Smith & 
Wesson, Streamlight, Tactical Edge Bags, Top-Line USA Body Armor, Triple 
K Leather, Tyton Handi-Cuff, Viking Leather Pack

In order to keep overhead at a minimum (so we can offer the lowest 
prices) we obviously do not list every item we sell in our catalog.  If 
you don’t see it here, call us; chances are we can get it. 


Ammunition holders- see Bianchi, K&W, Safariland 
Badge wallet-  see Bianchi, Safariland, Boston Leather 
Ballistic vests-  see Second Chance 
Batteries (flashlight)- see Batteries in Bulk, Streamlight, Mag-Lite 
Batons- see ASP, Monadnock 
Belts (duty)-  see Bianchi, Boston Leather, K&W, Safariland 
Binoculars-  see Leupold, Tasco 
Brief cases-  see Tactical Edge 
Boots-   see  Rocky 
Cages-  Pro-Gard 
Cargo liners-  see Pro-Gard 
Car opening tools- see Pro-Lok, EMI 
Cases-   see Pelican 
Citation holders-  see Saunders 
Clipboards-  see Saunders 
Cuffs-   see American Handcuffs, Hiatts, Peerless, S&W, and Flex-Cuf 
Defensive sprays- see ASP, Body Guard, Defense Technology 
Drug tests-   see Nik 
Duffel bags-  see Safariland Nylok, Tactical Edge, S & W 
Duty belts-   see Bianchi, K&W, Safariland 
Ear protection-  see Howard Leight 
EMS equipment-  see EMI 
Evidence bags/equip- see Nik, Pacific Concepts 
Eyewear-   see Gargoyles, Howard Leight, Uvex 
Fanny Packs-  see Safariland 
Firearms accessories- see Boresnake, Butler Creek, Trijicon,Uncle Mike's 
Flashlights-  see ASP, LSI, Mag-Lite, Nite-Ize, Streamlight, Sure-Fire 
Gear bags-   see Safariland Nylok, Tactical Edge, S&W 
Gloves-   see Hatch 
GPS-    see Magellan 
Gun accessories- see Boresnake, Butler Creek, Trijicon,Uncle Mike's 
Gun locks & racks- see Gunlock, Pro-Gard, Pro-Lok 
Handcuffs & keys- see American Handcuffs, Bianchi, Hiatts, Peerless, S&W, Flex-Cuf and 
ZAK Tool 
Hearing protection- see Howard Leight 
Helmets-   see Premier Crown 
Holsters-   see Bianchi, Fobus, Galco, Safariland 
Jackets-   see Olympic Uniforms, Pro-Tuff 
Jumpsuits-   see Olympic Uniforms, Pro-Tuff 
Knives-   see Benchmade, Buck, Cold Steel, Columbia River Knives, Gerber, Leatherman, S&W 
Lights-  see flashlights above 
Light bars-   call for prices on Code 3, Federal or Whelen 
Leg Irons-   see Hiatts, Peerless, S&W 
Lockpicking tools- see Pro-Lok 
Locks (gun)-  see Pro-Gard, Pro-Lok 
Magazine cases- see Bianchi, Safariland 
Medical supplies- call 
Metal detectors-  see Garrett 
Multi purpose tools- see Leatherman 
Narcotics tests-  see Nik 
Nightsticks-  see ASP,  Monadnock 
Night Vision-  see  ITT 
Nylon duty gear-  see Bianchi Accumold, Safariland Nylok 
Optics- see Leupold, Tasco 
Organizers-  see Pro-Gard, Tactical Edge 
Pepper spray-  see ASP, Bioshield, Body Guard, Defense Tech. 
Radio carriers-  see Bianchi, Safariland, Porta-Clip 
Red guns-   see ASP 
Rescue tools- see EMI 
Rifle racks/locks- see Pro-Gard 
Riot Gear-   see  Monadnock, Premier Crown, Pro-Gard 
Seat belt cutter-  see EMI 
Seat organizers-  see Pro-Gard, Tactical Edge 
Scopes- see Leupold, Tasco 
Shoes-   see Hi-tec, Rocky 
Shorts-   see Olympic Uniforms, Pro-Tuff 
Shooting supplies-  Butler Creek, Howard Leight, Leupold, Uncle Mikes, 
Shotgun racks/locks- see Pro-Gard 
Sirens-   see Federal Signal Corp. 
Speedloaders-  see Bianchi, Safariland 
Sunglasses-  see Gargoyles 
Tactical lights-  see Sure Fire, Streamlight 
Tools-   see Gerber, Leatherman 
Towelettes-  see Bioshield 
Training aids-  see ASP, Blue Guns 
Trigger locks-  see Pro-Gard, Pro-Lok 
Trunk organizers- see Pro-Gard 
Uniforms-   see Olympic Uniforms, Pro-Tuff 
Vests-   see Second Chance